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     Since a lot of warez-type or torrent hosts were closed down, such as MegaUpload or KickAssTo we created a legit tool, that scans the most frequently used and the most active torrent sharing websites, like ThePirateBay and adds their results to one place. TorrentZ site does not store any illegal files and doesn't offer any service.
Download dozens of movies, games, tons of music, software and entertain yourself with free internet goods. Online TorrentZ Search Engine will help you to find the most matching results for your search query and desires! Or download our free application for Windows, Linux or MAC OS. The app is designed as a torrent client - almost identical to uTorrent and has additional search engine bar.

Published on 2017-05-25

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uTorrent origin

uTorrent or µTorrent is a part of BitTorrent sharing system and also the most popular torrent client in a whole world & has more than 100 million active users. uTorrent download environment allows users to transfer files trough one server to another at maximum speed by seeding the file from many different mirrors. Seeding is originally named as peer-to-peer or connection between data senders (seeders) and recipient (leecher). The best feature of uTorrent is that you can turn off your computer and continue download anytime you want because pausing or stopping download does not delete session data. uTorrent is also known in these synonyms - a micro torrent (µ - micro) or you torrent (µ looks like U).

uTorrent downloads - why uTorrent?

Any torrent program work on the same technique as uTorrent download system. Distributor stores bundle (.torrent file) on a server and keeps it available for users to download. When a file is launched by p2p software it connects leecher to seeders and file is being processed.

uTorrent is a lightweight, protecting computer resources, but also a powerful tool with advanced settings & big effectiveness. Freeware version has automatic bandwidth management, various operating systems like Linux, MAC OS, Windows compatibility. If you want to download uTorrent for MAC OS, Linux or Windows for free by opening downloads subpage and selecting which one fits you.

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Find the latest 2017 year movies on TorrentZ search engine and download it for free using utorrent or anothet interface.