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     Since a lot of warez-type or torrent hosts closed down, such as MegaUpload or KickAssTo we created a legit tool, that scans the most frequently used and the most active torrent sharing websites, like ThePirateBay and adds their results to one place. TorrentZ site does not store any illegal files and doesn't offer any service.
Download dozens of movies, games, tons of music, software and entertain yourself with free internet goods. Online TorrentZ Search Engine will help you to find the most matching results for your search query and desires! Or download our free application for Windows, Linux or MAC OS. The app designed as a torrent client - almost identical to uTorrent and has additional search engine bar and on the latest application update developers created new TorrentZ2 movie search system.

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TorrentZ is a metasearch engine and a part of BitTorrent sharing system that gathers various torrents from the major torrent blogs & portals, also the most popular torrent search engine in a whole world & has more than 100 million active users. The TorrentZ environment allows users to use thousands of trackers at the one time and get the best result - with the most seeders and recommendations. Website design is simple and minimal to give the best user experience and performance. Try our EU Search Engine now - enter a word or a phrase in a search box and instantly download games, music, movies, and software.

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Advanced TorrentZ Movie Search Engine is the most accurate and one of the biggest movies archive on the internet. File sharing system work on the same technique as torrent bundles, through uTorrent or any other torrents software, like BitTorrent. U-Torrent.EU carries out a tracker role. TorrentZ EU is great because there are dozens of files, that couldn't be found anywhere else, like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil movies, from 1950, to 2019.

Download our lightweight, saving computer resources, but also a powerful tool with advanced settings & big effectiveness. We have a lot of seeders for films, games, music and it's very easy to use it: watch movies online, save it for later - offline. Find the latest 2018 and 2019 year movies on TorrentZ search engine and download it for free using utorrent or another interface.

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